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Connecting the SPI sensor to the I2C display

TIAB Temperature-to-Display Tool

tiab-temp2display is a sample tool which can be used for reading the temperature from a BMP280 SPI sensor and displaying it on a SSD1306 I2C oled display.


Run the following command to read the temperature from the sensor (0x000c FTDI device) and display it on the screen (0x000a FTDI device) with 2 seconds interval between temperature updates:

tiab-temp2display --sensor ftdi://0x27bd:0x000c/1 --display ftdi://0x27bd:0x000a/1 --interval 2

Command-line Arguments

  • --sensor - the BMP280 FTDI url
  • --display - the SSD1306 FTDI url
  • --interval - the interval between the temperature updates