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ESP32-C3 firmware for TIAB hardware

Building locally

To build using docker container

  • Get espressif/idf docker image:

cd docker && ./ -u && cd ..

  • Run the following command after deleting local build folder to build in docker container:

docker run --rm -v $PWD:/project -w /project espressif set-target esp32c3 build

For more info please read the follow article about ESP-IDF docker image

To build using ESP-IDF locally

  • Get ESP-IDF relase 5.1. Follow download instructions

  • After setting up environment and paths, run: build

  • To flash over USB, run: -p /dev/ttyACM0 flash, replacing /dev/ttyACM0 with the port of the ESP

To connect through serial and send commands

You can use your favourite serial connection tool (like minicom), or the monitor: -p /dev/ttyACM0 monitor

Commands list

  • help - view the available commands list
  • set_color <RED> <GREEN> <BLUE> - set color of the LED
  • DAR - display rainbow on the LED
  • KEYS <key codes list> - emulate keyboard shortcut
  • MOUSE <delta_x> <delta_y> <scroll_vertical> <scroll_horizontal> <buttons_status> - update the mouse status
  • KEYLEDS - get keyboard LEDs status (is capslock enabled, etc.)